We believe that transitioning is a journey that is touched on by a myriad of factors: surgical, psychological, hormonal, aesthetic, legal, and more.  Each transition is an intimate, distinct experience, so our patients will have many unique questions and concerns throughout the process. Therefore, we have created a more personalized experience ...

The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery is designed to be a “one-stop” center where all the needs of a transgender person can be addressed in a personally customized approach.

Dr. Lies addressing questions

One of the few centers in the world where complete gender reassignment is available for both genders, we shepherd each patient from the beginning of transition all the way to completion, addressing this complex and multi-faceted process in a sensitive, unhurried and supportive manner. 

  • We personally support the patient emotionally by being available to discuss all aspects of the transition with the patient and by answering all the questions in a realistic and honest manner.  We clarify and objectively provide correct, balanced information, dispelling unrealistic or erroneous concepts prevalent in public sources and addressing fears and anxieties. 
  • Patients are guided to obtain counseling from a mental health professional specifically trained in gender identity concerns.  This could be a LCSW, a psychologist or psychiatrist with training and experience in this field.  
  • Best practices for hormone therapy are reviewed with the patient in order to help with the many levels of mental and physical transition. Hormones will change the body as well as the personality in both subtle and, sometimes not so subtle ways, toward the desired gender.  We encourage and recommendhormone therapy by endocrinologists trained and experienced in hormone therapy for transgender patients.
  • We keep in regular contact through the transition and offer supplemental services as needed:  such as fashion consultants, makeup and hair style specialists, etc. to cultivate grooming habits and appearance appropriate to the desired gender presentation. 
  • Contact can be provided with transgender support groups who can supply a sense of camaraderie with others who are going through the same transition or who have already transitioned and can help obtain local professional contacts for individual needs. 
  • At any stage, we can begin discussing the vast array of available surgical options, from facial modification to chest reconstruction and gender confirmation surgery (both male-to-female and female-to-male). 
  • We can also assist with financing for the surgeries if the patient has been unable to save the sufficient funds necessary for the costs associated with the transition. 

We offer guidance and advice to our patients before, during and after the entire process and hope to provide support years after the surgeries are completed.