Video Clips 

CBS 3 Interview (date)



Dr. Shreman Leis - Exclusive interview - Stopping the Hate, Sept. 7, 2010

World's Oldest Transgender -  Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov. 9, 2009

Transgender Surgeon: Dr. Sherman Leis - MGW, (date 2009?)  

Article - TG Forum, Sept 18, 2008 


Press Releases 

"Technological Advancements In Phalloplasty And Penile Augmentation Procedures" -   (date?)

“Brazilian Butt Lift” Leaves Buttock Implants Behind In Popularity -   (date?)

The Process Of Facial Feminization - (date?)
Growing Interest In Female-To-Male Sexual Reassignment - (date?)
7 Important Reasons for Sexual Reassignment Surgery in the U.S. - (date?) (repeated in TG Forum article above)
Projection: The Transgender Population to Double Every Five Years - (date?) (better to link to the paper itself??)


Perils Of The Transitioning Process -  (date?)
Comprehensive Center And Support Network -  (date?)