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The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery offers a uniquely supportive environment for all the medical, surgical and cosmetic needs of transgender patients.  At the Center, you will find a recognized premier facility for gender affirmation surgery and a comprehensive program of surgical and non-surgical care for the entire LGBTI community.  Dedicated surgeons, psychologists, endocrinologists, aestheticians, speech therapists, legal experts and many others all cater to the needs of the community.

Here are some of the fine accommodations you will find at our Center:

  • Our office staff is helpful, friendly and informed.
  • Our costs are reasonable for each surgery we perform
  • Dr Leis and staff never rush our patients and fully answer each and every question to the best of our ability
  • Full overnight facilities for recuperation after your surgery (subject to availability) in the same location as our offices. 
  • Overnight accommodations are well below market rate [call for rate]
  • In-Center accommodations make it possible for Dr. Leis and staff to see you on a daily basis.
  • Quiet serene environment
  • Transportation to and from Hospital or Surgery Center
  • Dr Leis and Staff are available 24/7 for your medical needs.
  • Free makeovers including hair styling, cutting, coloring, facial makeup and manicures by our master beauty culture specialist after your gender confirmation surgery. 
  • Free WiFi / Television / Cable / DVD in each apartment
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